Wiring duct with 8/12 mm slots

Wiring duct with 8/12 mm slots



  • RAL 7035 grey
  • Dimensional stability from -40 to +100 °C
  • Halogen-free thermoplastic material
  • Resistant to acids, oils and greases
  • Standard 2-metre length


  • Material in compliance with VDE 0472 Part 815 Standard: Br + Cl < 0.2 %, F < 0.1 %
  • Smoke toxicity index: 23.7 according to NF X70-100 and NF F16-101 Standards
  • Smoke opacity index*: Dsm 336.2 (2 mm) V0F4 230.3 (2 mm) in compliance with NF X10-702 Standard (reference NF F16-101)
    * in the event of fire, it is extremely important for the smoke opacity level to be as low as possible during the first 4 minutes in order to allow people to move away from the areas of risk
  • On the basis of the values obtained during the smoke opacity and toxicity tests, the material falls within class F2 (in compliance with NF F16-101 Standard)
  • Insulating, shock-proof, self-extinguishing material in compliance with UL 94 V0
  • Standard and resistant to abnormal heat and fire up to 960°C (glow wire test) in compliance with IEC 695-2-1 Standard
  • Trunkings comply with the EN 50085-2-3 European Standard


  • Absence of burrs, rounded internal edges
  • Dimensions and resilience of ribs guarantee repeated splaying during the wiring phase
  • Controlled splaying of sides for guaranteeing a perfect seal of the cover in vertical sections and in the case of high temperatures
  • Two prearranged trimming lines: one line at the basis of ribs in order to remove them by bending them towards the outside direction and another line at the basis of the wall in order to cut the edge when two connection ducts are used
  • Cable holder mouldings halfway along the straight section of the ribs in 80 mm high ducts
  • Fields of application: residential, industrial and commercial