EXCG - Nylon Cable Glands

EXCG - Nylon Cable Glands


Single compression nylon cable glands.

Certification & standards

  • Approved to EN60079-0, 60079-7, 60079-11,  60079-31

EC TYPE Examination Certification

  • IMQ 13 ATEX 016X IECEx IMQ 13.0005X
  • Ex e IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db


  • -20°c to +80°c

Product Approvals

Part No. Thread Cable Range Material
EXCGM20S M20 6.0mm-12.0mm Nylon
EXCGM20SL M20 6.0mm-12.0mm Nylon
EXCGM20M M20 10.0mm-14.0mm Nylon
EXCGM20ML M20 10.0mm-14.0mm Nylon
EXCGM25S M25 13.0mm-18.0mm Nylon
EXCGM25SL M25 13.0mm-18.0mm Nylon
EXCGM25M M25 11.0mm-17.0mm Nylon
EXCGM32S M32 15.0mm-21.0mm Nylon
EXCGM32SL M32 18.0mm-25.0mm Nylon
EXCGM40S M40 19.0mm-28.0mm Nylon
EXCGM40M M40 22.0mm-32.0mm Nylon
EXCGM50S M50 30.0mm-38.0mm Nylon
EXCGM63S M63 34.0mm-44.0mm Nylon