C2 - Ex de Single Compression (Wide Range)

C2 - Ex de Single Compression (Wide Range)


A single compression cable gland for use with non armoured cable.


  • Flameproof Ex d and increased safety Ex e
  • Available in Brass, Nickel Plated Brass, and Stainless Steel 316
  • Large cable range within one product with removeable seals

Certification & standards

  • Approved to EN60079-0, 60079-1, 60079-7, 60079-11,  60079-31

EC TYPE Examination Certification

  • IMQ 14 ATEX 013X
  • IECEx IMQ 14.0005X
  • Ex d IIC Gb
  • Ex e IIC Gb
  • Ex tb IIIC Db

IP Rating

  • IP66-IP68 (5-Bar 30 mins) 


  • -40°c to +80°c

Product Approvals

Part No. Thread Cable Range Material
EX03MMC2 M16 4.0mm-12.0mm Brass
EX04MMC2 M20 4.0mm-12.0mm Brass
EX04MLC2 M20 10.0mm-16.0mm Brass
EX05MMC2 M25 10.0mm-18.0mm Brass
EX05MLC2 M25 14.0mm-20.0mm Brass
EX06MMC2 M32 14.0mm-24.0mm Brass
EX06MLC2 M32 22.0mm-28.0mm Brass
EX07MMC2 M40 22.0mm-32.0mm Brass
EX07MLC2 M40 26.0mm-34.0mm Brass
EX08MSC2 M50 26.0mm-35.0mm Brass
EX08MMC2 M50 35.0mm-44.0mm Brass
EX09MSC2 M63 35.0mm-45.0mm Brass
EX09MMC2 M63 46.0mm-56.0mm Brass
EX10MSC2 M75 46.0mm-62.0mm Brass
EX10MMC2 M75 60.0mm-70.0mm Brass
EX11MSC2 M90 60.0mm- 70.0mm Brass
EX11MMC2 M90 75.0mm-85.0mm Brass
EX12MSC2 M100 75.0mm-85.0mm Brass
EX12MMC2 M110 85.0mm-95.0mm Brass
EXN03MMC2 M16 4.0mm-12.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN04MMC2 M20 4.0mm-12.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN04MLC2 M20 10.0mm-16.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN05MMC2 M25 10.0mm-18.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN05MLC2 M25 14.0mm-20.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN06MMC2 M32 14.0mm-24.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN06MLC2 M32 22.0mm-28.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN07MMC2 M40 22.0mm-32.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN07MLC2 M40 26.0mm-34.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN08MSC2 M50 26.0mm-35.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN08MMC2 M50 35.0mm-44.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN09MSC2 M63 35.0mm-45.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN09MMC2 M63 46.0mm-56.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN10MSC2 M75 46.0mm-62.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN10MMC2 M75 60.0mm-70.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN11MSC2 M90 60.0mm-70.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN11MMC2 M90 75.0mm-85.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN12MSC2 M100 75.0mm-85.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN12MMC2 M110 85.0mm-95.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXS03MMC2 M16 4.0mm-12.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS04MMC2 M20 4.0mm-12.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS04MLC2 M20 10.0mm-16.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS05MMC2 M25 10.0mm-18.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS05MLC2 M25 14.0mm-20.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS06MMC2 M32 14.0mm-24.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS06MLC2 M32 22.0mm-28.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS07MMC2 M40 22.0mm-32.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS07MLC2 M40 26.0mm-34.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS08MSC2 M50 26.0mm-35.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS08MMC2 M50 35.0mm-44.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS09MSC2 M63 35.0mm-45.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS09MMC2 M63 46.0mm-56.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS10MSC2 M75 46.0mm-62.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS10MMC2 M75 60.0mm-70.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS11MSC2 M90 60.0mm-70.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS11MMC2 M90 75.0mm-85.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS12MSC2 M100 75.0mm-85.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS12MMC2 M110 85.0mm-95.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EX03AMC2 3/8" NPT 4.0mm-12.0mm Brass
EX04AMC2 1/2" NPT 4,.0mm-12.0mm Brass
EX04ALC2 1/2" NPT 10.0mm-16.0mm Brass
EX05AMC2 3/4" NPT 10.0mm-18.0mm Brass
EX05ALC2 3/4" NPT 14.0mm-20.0mm Brass
EX06AMC2 1" NPT 14.0mm-24.0mm Brass
EX06ALC2 1" NPT 22.0mm-26.0mm Brass
EX07AMC2 1 1/4" NPT 22.0mm-32.0mm Brass
EX07ALC2 1 1/4" NPT 26.0mm-34.0mm Brass
EX08ASC2 1 1/2" NPT 26.0mm-35.0mm Brass
EX08AMC2 1 1/2" NPT 35.0mm-41.0mm Brass
EX09ASC2 2" NPT 35.0mm-45.0mm Brass
EX09AMC2 2" NPT 46.0mm-56.0mm Brass
EX10ASC2 2 1/2" NPT 46.0mm-62.0mm Brass
EX10AMC2 2 1/2" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Brass
EX11ASC2 3" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Brass
EX11AMC2 3" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Brass
EX12ASC2 4" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Brass
EX12AMC2 4" NPT 85.0mm-95.0mm Brass
EXN03AMC2 3/8" NPT 4.0mm-12.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN04AMC2 1/2" NPT 4.0mm-12.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN04ALC2 1/2" NPT 10.0mm-16.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN05AMC2 3/4" NPT 10.0mm-18.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN05ALC2 3/4" NPT 14.0mm-20.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN06AMC2 1" NPT 14.0mm-24.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN06ALC2 1" NPT 22.0mm-26.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN07AMC2 1 1/4" NPT 22.0mm-32.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN07ALC2 1 1/4" NPT 26.0mm-34.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN08ASC2 1 1/2" NPT 26.0mm-35.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN08AMC2 1 1/2" NPT 35.0mm-41.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN09ASC2 2" NPT 35.0mm-45.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN09AMC2 2" NPT 46.0mm-56.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN10ASC2 2 1/2" NPT 46.0mm-62.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN10AMC2 2 1/2" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN11ASC2 3" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN11AMC2 3" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN12ASC2 4" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXN12AMC2 3" NPT 85.0mm-95.0mm Nickel Plated Brass
EXS03AMC2 3/8" NPT 4.0mm-12.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS04AMC2 1/2" NPT 4.0mm-12.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS04ALC2 1/2" NPT 10.0mm-16.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS05AMC2 3/4" NPT 10.0mm-18.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS05ALC2 3/4" NPT 14.0mm-20.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS06AMC2 1" NPT 14.0mm-24.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS06ALC2 1" NPT 22.0mm-26.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS07AMC2 1 1/4" NPT 22.0mm-32.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS07ALC2 1 1/4" NPT 26.0mm-34.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS08ASC2 1 1/2" NPT 26.0mm-35.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS08AMC2 1 1/2" NPT 35.0mm-41.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS09ASC2 2" NPT 35.0mm-45.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS09AMC2 2" NPT 46.0mm-56.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS10ASC2 2 1/2" NPT 46.0mm-62.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS10AMC2 2 1/2" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS11ASC2 3" NPT 60.0mm-70.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS11AMC2 3" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS12ASC2 4" NPT 75.0mm-85.0mm Stainless Steel 316
EXS12AMC2 3" NPT 85.0mm-95.0mm Stainless Steel 316